Karelia 6-9 May 2017
Cycling. Rafting. Drive!
It's great to recall previous camps
The first day of Karelian sports adventures started with a morning flight, tasty breakfast and continued with a cycling ride. 30 km in the forest, along the side of lakes, and with a short brake for lunch at an old village house in Rubchoyla at Babushkas' place with lots of cool drive in their spirit. In order to make the journey even more fun, we prepared a spy quest for our team. They've greatly managed the first tasks!

The second day started with workout in a fresh morning and tasty breakfast. The team was ready for rafting. Calm beauty of Shuya river changed by fancy riffles. On the way to Big Tolly rift, following the quest tasks our Artek team has found a real treasure hidden on an island. Then, they were well - shacked on the Big Tolly rift. The bravest ones could stand having a 3-degree bathing experience! At the end of the way, a hot lunch of amazing salmon cooked on open fire was expecting our team. The end of the day was dedicated to quest final with fireworks by the side of Onezhskoye lake.

On the third day, our team focused on excelling their skills of going through the rift. The truth is - if you want true experience - stroke against the flow and get inside the rift. So, it's wasn't cold at all! Thanks to great teaming and perfect job of instructors, the raft didn't flip. Everyone did great!

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