Sochi. Krasnaya Polyana 2017
First Shift: 24 June - 1 July 2017
(from Saturday till Saturday)
Version #Territory

Friends, in summer 2017 we go again to
summer adventures sports camp in mountains and in a great company
Just like in #Mafia version, in #Territory we'll be staying in a great hotel in Krasnaya Polyana, do exercises every morning in an open pool with mountain view, and go every day to prepared sports adventures. While in the eveining we'll socialize
New camp #Territory
24 June - 1 July 2017
Every day there's a sports adventure led by
guides of Krasnaya Polyana
Day 1
Day 1
Climbdown the canyon of Vorontsovskaya cave
We start our adventure with a climbdown to one of Vorontsovskaya caves - an underground miracle of Sochi. We'll make 5 descends and reach water-flooded underground canyon. We'll then go to Ochazhny hall - the stay of antient people. Through narrow passage we'll get to Tufitoviy hall with waterfall. Then, we'll exit the cave and go through 2 descends of canyon outside of the cave along the waterfalls. We'll soak to the bone, but get absolutely full of great impressions!

Closed space ●●●◌◌
Difficulty: ●●●◌◌
Emotions: ●●●
Day 2
Day 2
Rafting on Moscow Shivera
We'll go to a three-hour float on Mzymta river on 6-sitter inflatable rafts. The trace will start will start with dynamic sector down the river flow past Gornaya Karusel, will go through set of rapids 2-3 category and segment of still water. Then, we'll need to take the raft to the next segment and continue with joyful rapids!

River flow: ●●●◌◌
Difficulty: ●●●◌◌
Emotions: ●●●●◌
Day 3
Day 3
Cycling down the old road
In order to heat up, we'll start our track on the third day with hiking to a freezing natural mountain plunge tub in a picturesque forest and then back. Then, we'll be cycling some three hours down the old auto road along the cliff. We'll pause for snacks and drinks next to a picturesque waterfall and bath in the river. It's summer!

Height: ●◌◌◌◌
Difficulty: ●●◌◌◌
Emotions: ●●◌◌◌
Day 4
Day 4
Kanyoning on Kudepsta river
We'll get to the canyon through an old forest, dive into the mountain river and swim / flow / walk through the Kudepsta canyon - the natural aqua park. In hot summer day it will be especially nice to dive into chilling 15-degree bobble water. But don't worry, snorkeling wetsuit will not let you freeze.

Flow: ●●●●◌
Jump: ●●●●◌
Difficulty: ●●◌◌
Emotions: ●●●●●
День 5
День 5
Sochi Via-ferrata (mountain climbing for beginners)
We'll climb on the cliff of Sochi ferrata, where climbing skills will not be excessive )) But, as always, even if there is no climbing experience, the team spirit, bravery and curiosity will take us to the top. While climbing higher we'll see mountain view taking our breath away. And on the way back we'll need to overcome ourselves again - climbdown a 30-meter rappel on a rope. Scary? Probably - yes!

Height: ●●●●●
Difficulty: ●●●●●
Emotions: ●●●●●
Day 6
Day 6
Yacht race
We'll finish our camp with traditional race on a pair of sailing yachts and may the bet win! The best is the one, who stays for longer on a robe after the yacht in the sea and doesn't loose his pants.

Open water: ●●●◌◌
Motion sickness: ●●●◌◌
Difficulty: ●◌◌
Emotions: ●●●◌◌
There will be a video of a #Territory version, immedeatly once we shoot it :) Meanwhile, take a look at #Mafia version
a premium vacation is
waiting for us!
In a company of friends and their friends
Artek30 has been created by friends and for their friends, that call their own friends to join the camp. This creates comfortable atmosphere of a united team, which keeps relations after the camp
With a pre-defined program

The wonderful thing is that you (almost) have no choice to make, just like in childhood. All the activities are well-thought through for you. You just need to lay back and enjoy the flow of Artek30
In a luxury hotel

Yes, we believe that vacations need to be spent with comfort. So we stay in 4* Radisson or Golden Tulip in Krasnaya Polyana, where there's little people in summer and there's a Spa
With reliable guides

With a great pleasure we confinde our sport activities to Maxim Anufrikov and his friends - freeriders of Polyana and professional guides with whom it's safe, fun and clear.
Here, the morning starts with a workout...
Just like in childhood, 7.30 is a time for morning workout with a coach, but this time on a nice grass next to hotel or an open-water swimming pool with mountain view.
... and the day is fool of emotions

To be honest, there's no time for sun bathing. And maybe, even no time to realize the whole drive of the week. But, at the end of the week you feel really rested.
friends tell for themselfes:
The rest is for 100 out of 10! I didn't even expect it to be so cool and me to try so many new activities! Jump into the canyon, swimming with mountain view, climbing the cliff of Krasnaya Polyana, great guides and equipment, reckless quest in a background. The best thing - an amazing team! Can't stop say thank you to the organization & idea generation team!
Maria Zimina
The time that I spent in Artek30 can hardly be compared to any other vacation in my life, without overstatement. Being a grown up it's especially nice to go back to that careless time, when we spent summer in camp, met new friends, took part in sports competitions, played in teams, and there was so much friendship in the air. That were exactly the memories that Artek30 brought to me. Even the early wake-ups for morning workouts weren't anything difficult.)) All I can say - I want to go there again!!
Sveta Leshchenko
Our expedition is a small, but very reach and different quality life! Many thanks to our Artek friends for the great organization and the company, best guides, sea, mountains, canyons and peasant feeling of fatigues in mussels
Julia Zagornova
There was no time for getting bored. All the days were full of exciting activities and each one was different from another. I liked especially the canyoning and via-ferrata: amazing views with reasonable exercise.
Dmitry Dunaev
Trip to Artek30 - 80к Rub
All included, except dinners
The offer includes:
- Return ticket by Aeroflot / UTair (tariff without cancel option). Total cost of the trip is calculated based on assumption of ticket price 8.5k Rur valid on the date of offer. In case the price for the ticket increases, the total offer will increase accordingly.
- Hotel Golden Tulip 4* - half of the price for double room in case you travel in couple (individual room will cost additionally 2.5k Rur. The offer includes option to cancel the booking.
- Transfers to/from the hotel and airport, sports activities
- Rent of sports equipment (bikes, rafts, wetsuits, climbing equipment, hiking sticks, yachts, etc)
- Fees to the guides on the sports activities
- Fees to the coach on the morning activities
- 3 visits of open swimming pool in Grand Hotel Polyana

Within a week after registration we will kindly ask for prepayment equivalent to 30% of the offer. Some of activities may be canceled in advance and will be excluded from the offer. Hotel booking can be cancelled; airplane tickets cannot, unless a more expensive tariff was initially bought, which include cancelation option.

The price for the tickets and the hotel will be increasing closer to the day of the camp, thus booking of the trip in advance hedges you from later price increase.
Before making advance payment, please confirm your participation with the administration

We expect to have a team of overall 10-14 ppl. In case the actual number of expected participants will be significantly lower, the administration keeps the right to cancel the trip, as the shared costs will increase unacceptably high. In this case all the prepayments will be returned. We thank you in advance for understanding.
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